Complete Guide for Cleaning Grease Trap in the UAE

Reliable Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning: Choose Al Barr Facilities Management Services for 24/7 Expert Assistance

Every food establishment manager understands the importance of maintaining a clean grease trap. Al Barr Facilities Management Services is your dedicated partner, offering professional and round-the-clock grease trap cleaning services. Discover how to keep your kitchen running smoothly with our expert guidance.

The Essentials for Grease Trap Cleaning

Cleaning your grease trap doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Equip yourself with the right tools:

  • Protective gloves – safeguard your hands
  • Odor-resistant mask – defend against unpleasant smells
  • Coveralls – protect your attire from grease
  • Wrench and crowbar – for easy lid removal
  • Scraper – essential for tank cleaning
  • Industrial vacuum – to suction out fats, oils, and grease (FOGs)
Locating and Accessing Your Grease Trap

Identify the location of your grease trap, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Al Barr’s experts are well-versed in handling various setups, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning process.

Size Matters: Determine Your Grease Trap’s Capacity

Understanding the size of your grease trap is crucial. Larger traps may require professional assistance, while smaller ones can be managed by your staff with proper training.

Steps to DIY Grease Trap Cleaning
  1. Begin with cool water to let FOGs float.
  2. Wait for ten minutes after releasing hot wastewater.
  3. Safely remove the grease trap cover using a wrench or crowbar.
  4. Scoop out floating FOGs and residual water.
  5. Use a shop vacuum to clear out remaining solids.
  6. Scrape and clean baffles, sides, and lid.
  7. Refresh the trap with soap, water, and elbow grease.
  8. Thoroughly scrub and flush with clean water.
  9. Test by draining a gallon of water to ensure unobstructed flow.
  10. Reinstall trap components properly.
Maintaining Your Grease Trap

Regular cleaning is essential, typically every four to six weeks. Al Barr Facilities Management Services recommends environmentally friendly practices and bacterial additives to extend cleaning intervals.

When to Call in the Professionals

For extensive grease traps or for those who prefer professional services, Al Barr is here for you. Our skilled technicians specialize in thorough cleaning, repairs, and proper disposal of FOGs.

Trust Al Barr for Expert Grease Trap Maintenance

With over 60 years of dedicated service, Al Barr Facilities Management Services is your go-to for grease trap solutions. We offer scheduled cleanings, emergency responses, and detailed reports to keep your establishment compliant with local ordinances.

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